We provide translation services from/to the following languages:

  • English,
  • Russian,
  • Poland,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Latvian,
  • Norwegian,
  • Estonian,
  • Danish,
  • Finnish,
  • Swedish,
  • Other.

We provide the best ratio of the quality and price!

Price of translation of one standard (1550 characters) page:

Russian, English 6.50 – 7.00 EUR
German, Polish 7.50 EUR
Italian, French, Spanish 10.50 EUR
Latvian 11.00 EUR
Estonian 12.50 EUR
Dutch, Norwegian 13.50 EUR
Swedish, Finnish, Danish 17.00 EUR
Czech, Slovak, Moldavian, Romanian 18.00 EUR

Attention: the price includes all taxes, except VAT

Translation of standard documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, university and other educational institutions diplomas (without supplements), certificates, etc. with a notary mark –10-11 EUR (English-Russian-Polish-Germany).

Maturity Certificates (with the Supplement) and a notary mark – only 18 EUR.

In order to learn the price of our translation, send us your text to
We will answer you in 2-3 business hours.

Prices of a certification:

  • with a bureau stamp,
  • with a notary mark.

Ways of settlement:

  • via bank transfer,
  • in cash in our Vilnius or Kaunas office.

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