Translation of documents

Speed and vast opportunities are key factors for business, so we will prepare and personally transfer the translations that meet your expectations and requirements.

Modern world values cultural assets and the diversity most of all, so we offer the translations, adapted to your requirements and grounded by a versatile research of a different culture and language.

There are many reasons to rely on us in the area of translations:

  • Our specialists will translate all terms precisely and correctly;
  • our translations meets original discourse by 100%;
  • your translations will be checked by several qualified translators of the appropriate branch;
  • our Clients manage the translation process in full.

We translate the documents of the following types:

  • Vehicle documentation (for example, driving licenses, technical inspection passports, purchase-sale contracts with the invoices, export acts, etc.),
  • Certificates: registration, employment (employment act), income (declarations, certificates on wage, etc.),
  • Notary acts or municipal documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, etc.),
  • Diplomas and certificates (Maturity Certificate, Baptizing Sacrament, etc.),
  • Labour contracts (in order to get a credit, etc.),
  • Diplomas (for example, higher education, secondary school or vocational training),
  • Court decisions,
  • Certificates,
  • Norms,
  • Invoices,
  • Customs documents,
  • Medical documents,
  • Public procurement documents, for example, Declaration of Conformance, etc.

We certify all the translation with a notary or office mark/stamp.

Other category of the translations is without the certification. They are usually sent by e-mail. The examples are:

  • Civil contracts,
  • Manuals,
  • Correspondence,
  • CVs and Letters of Motivation,
  • Website contents,
  • Translations of economic documents: balance sheets, business plans, etc.,
  • Degree Theses and summaries.

Please, visit us in our offices in Vilnius or Kaunas or send the translations by e-mail.

You will get an answer in 2 hours after receipt of your request.

In case your document is to be with a notary mark, please deliver us the original counterpart of the document.

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