Translation Services

High quality translation for an attractive price, please contact us!

We have been providing our translation services for more than 15 years putting all efforts to make our services of the highest quality with the best ratio of the quality and the price.

You could find our offices in Vilnius and in Kaunas.

Otherwise, due to a wonderful investigation of the XX-th century, i.e. the Global Network, we have no barrier contacting with our Clients and personnel. That means by a single click approximately at the speed of light you could reach the most remote edges of the world and to provide translation services there.

As we know, people are the most valuable capital and assets of any company. Considering that, we have prepared the internal network, consisting of some hundreds of the translators/interpreters, correctors and consultants, inc. translators of the technical texts, professional medical doctors, odontologists, bio technicians, pharmacy sphere specialists, biologists, chemists, zoo technicians, botanists, zoologists, vets, philologists and other professionals of the academic sphere.

We have been constantly cooperating with the personnel who has proved the reliability during the several years of cooperation, when the rest are helping us from time to time in cases the services involve rare languages. We use external personal databases of a common access, as well.

Since the beginning of our activity we have translated thousands of the documents, the majority of which are of a medical, legal, technical style, also standard official documents, certificates and acts.

You could write us 24/7 and we will willingly provide our services. We offer companies (inc. translation bureaus), institutions and private persons to cooperate with us. Accept the highest quality for competitive prices!

In order to insure the highest quality of our services, all translations are checked by the responsible personnel. Moreover, we offer an additional language and content verification and preservation of an original graphical image upon a Client’s request.

The prepared translations are returned to the Client of an agreed form. We always guarantee the confidentiality!

We are able to manage larger projects, requiring a group work. We are able to translate some tens of thousands pages a month.

Please, let us know if you would like to get the references of our permanent Clients!

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